The Hebrew word for faith is emunah. It has a special meaning in Judaism, and it’s something that every person should strive to attain. Emunah means believing or trusting in someone or something. Only through faith can we believe in a higher power, trust other people, and have hope for the future. Faith is an important part of being Jewish. In fact, Judaism is all about emunah – the nature of faith and how faith helps us see the world more clearly and live a more meaningful life. The world of emunah is vast, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you explore it further.

In this article Rabbi Shmuel Waldman, who has a vast experience in religious education, shares more information about Emunah. Read on to learn what Emunah is, who has it, and how to develop your own Emunah so you can be happier as well as more meaningful in your everyday life.

What Is Emunah? – A Brief Overview Of The Concept

The word “Emunah” is used in several ways in Judaism. Rabbi Shmuel Waldman will take a look at each one below to give you a better understanding of what Emunah is and why it’s so important. Yizhak had Emunah – Yizhak was a righteous man. Rabbi Shmuel Waldman indicates that in Hebrew, Emunah can also mean “faith.” So to say that someone had Emunah means that they believed in something, like God. Yizhak had Emunah, because he trusted in God. But we also use the word “Emunah” to describe the faith we have in other people. We can say someone has Emunah in the elderly, in children, in other people, etc. Faith in God is one kind of Emunah. However, Emunah is much more than just faith in a higher power. Emunah is a deeply ingrained trust in other people that allows us to be vulnerable and honest with them. It’s a belief in the inherent goodness of humanity and the world that makes us want to help others. Therefore, Emunah is more than just believing in something; it’s a way of being that all people should strive to have.

Who Has Emunah?

As we mentioned above, Emunah is something that every person should strive to attain. That said, there are a few people who have it naturally. Everyone else who is born into the world has to work to have it; it’s not a “given” or “automatic” thing. The people with the most Emunah are the elderly. The elderly have lived many lifetimes, experienced many things, and seen many people come and go. Because of this, the elderly have been able to have Emunah in everything. They’ve had Emunah in their children and grandchildren, Emunah in their friends, and Emunah in the world around them. This is why it’s so important to show the elderly love and respect. You cannot replace the Emunah that has been lost over the years, but you can show the older generation that you care and respect them. Doing so will help you to build Emunah in your own life.

How To Live a Life Of Emunah

As Rabbi Shmuel Waldman has discussed above, Emunah is a way of being that every person should strive to have. The key to living a life of Emunah is to be open-minded and to be honest. Be curious about other people and their lives, and ask them questions. Be willing to listen to other people’s opinions, and be willing to put yourself out there by opening up and being vulnerable.

“If you do these things while also trying to make the world a better place, you’ll find that you naturally have Emunah in many different things. Sure, you may not have Emunah in every person right away, but over time you can build Emunah in yourself so that you have it in many things,” says Rabbi Shmuel Waldman.

When Does Judaism Encourage Emunah?

As we just discussed, Emunah is something that every person should strive to have. Similarly, Judaism encourages us to have Emunah – it’s a key part of what makes Judaism Jewish. Throughout Judaism’s history, people have struggled to understand the concept of faith. There have been many false religions, philosophies, and ideas that claim that they can explain the world and tell us what is true. Judaism, however, says that only God can give us answers to these questions. Therefore, Judaism encourages us to have Emunah in everything, including in other people, in our beliefs, and in Torah study. In Rabbi Shmuel Waldman’s opinion, having Emunah in these things allows us to better understand the world around us, the people in it, and the Torah that God gave us.


Why is it so important to have emunah in your life?

Simply put, Emunah is what makes life meaningful. Think about it in terms of the elderly. What is the main thing that keeps the elderly going? It’s not money, it’s not fame, it’s not excitement, it’s not health, it’s not even their family. Every elderly person has the same thing and what keeps them going is the one thing that no one else has: Emunah. Even those who have a lot of money, a lot of fame, a lot of health, and a lot of family have no way to get past the fact that they have no Emunah. This is why having Emunah is so important. It’s the only thing that makes life meaningful.



According to the religious teacher Rabbi Shmuel Waldman, Emunah is a way of being that every person should strive to have in their lives, and it’s one of the most important aspects of Judaism.

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