Rabbi Shmuel Waldman is currently 60 years old. He has studied various subjects in religious education over the last five decades. He was raised on the ideas of Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZTL, the founder of Mirrer Yeshiva. At the age of 17, he began to listen to Rabbi Miller’s lectures, and many others soon followed suit. He was also close to Mashgiach of Mirrer Yeshiva, Horav Hagoan Rav Don Segal shlit”a.

After four years at Mirrer Yeshiva Kollel, he was invited to join the Kollel of the Yeshiva Mercaz Hatorah of Belle Harbor at the time led by Rabbi Levi Dicker, zt”l and Rabbi Chaim Zelikovitz Shlit”a. The purpose was to eventually place him in charge of the Mashgiachship of the high school. After two years in the Kollel, he became the Mashgiach of the high school. As part of his job, he was required to give weekly lectures about correct Torah living and Emunah beliefs to each of the high school boys in each class. He also had one-on-one discussions with the boys to spur them on to greater heights in their climb to becoming true Ben Torah. It was during those years that he gave those talks that many of his students asked him to put them down in writing.

In Belle Harbor, as a Mashgichim of Mercaz Hatorah, Rabbi Waldman put together the material for the book Beyond A Reasonable Doubt: Convincing Evidence to the Truths of Judaism, published in 2002 by Feldheim. Many tens of thousands of copies of this book have been sold since its publication in 2002, and it is still in demand. This book is regarded as a classic in the field of kiruv. Many people have contacted Rabbi Waldman to tell him how much the Sefer influenced their life journey. It is a “game-changer” for many, many people, as it provides an exceptionally clear explanation of the fundamental tenets of Judaism, from the basics to the most fundamental elements of the Jewish faith.

Rabbi Waldman taught 4th and 7th grade at Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe Elementary School for 11 years. Rabbi Waldman taught in a few summer camps over the years, leaving an impression on hundreds of students. Rabbi Waldman spent many years at Camp Torah Vodaas and Camp Dora Golding, imparting Jewish principles to his pupils through his sermons and book.

Rabbi Shmuel Waldman has been working on his large writing project for the past decade or so. He recently finished writing a Sefer on the crucial matter of proper prayer. It explains why Orthodox Jews spend so much time on prayer daily. It will be a classic about prayer. Rabbi Waldman prays frequently as his Sefer reveals, which is the proper way to pray. The Rabbi’s Sefer reveals what most Jews are unaware of.

Rabbi Shmuel Waldman has just embarked on an ambitious project, creating this blog. This blog displays many examples of Intelligent Design—clearly created by a most Intelligent Designer—as well as the fallacy of the Theory of Evolution, which explains how various objects evolved. He shows how numerous objects in nature are, in fact, completely impossible to have evolved through an evolutionary process. He also has a channel on Youtube, where he shares videos about religious education.